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Date Approved: April 27, 2011 Effective Date: May 1, 2011_ Last Reviewed: May 1, 2011


The purpose of the Doe Run Employees Federal Credit Union privacy policy is to establish minimum guidelines for the protection of personal information provided to us by our members. The collection of personal information is required for the credit union to provide financial products and services. However we must make sure that all information collected is used for the benefit of the member or in response to inquiries required by regulation or government authorities.


This policy gives the details of the types of information collected, the responsibilities of employees and volunteers, how it will be protected, and how members will be notified. Volunteers include the board of directors, the loan officers, the supervisory and credit committees and any other volunteer having access to personal information.


1) The a) Membership applications b) Account applications c) Loan applications d) Credit bureaus e) Employers

credit union will routinely collect and retain confidential personal information from the following;

2) The a) Member names b) Addresses c) Phone numbers d) E-mail addresses e) Social security numbers f) Personal identifying information g) Account transactions h) Credit information

confidential information collected will include but not be restricted to:

3) The a) Establish accounts b) Administer accounts c) Satisfy regulatory requirements d) Provide improved products and services


1) Employees, directors, loan officers, and committee members will keep in strict confidence all information received regarding the affairs of current and former members of this credit union and credit union business in general.

2) Employees, directors, loanofficers, and committee members will acquire only such information as required to provide financial products and services to our members and affiliates and such information collected is to be used solely for credit union purposes.

3) Employees, directors, loan officers, and committee members will never use personal confidential information for advancing private interests or as a means of making a profit.

4) Employees, directors, loan officers, and committee members will make every reasonable effort to protect all confidential records concerning the business and financial affairs of our members. They will maintain strong security controls to ensure that member information in our files and computers are protected from unauthorized access.

5) Employees, directors, loan officers, and committee members will not give or request credit information unless they are authorized to do so as part of their regular duties. They will ensure that information is only given to third parties when properly authorized by the member such as by credit or loan application

6) Employees, directors ,loan officers, and committee members will not give out information to a third party except as permitted or required by law. If unsure of the authority of the third party, ask that the request be put in writing.

7) Employees, directors, loan officers,and committee members will provide confidential personal information as required by the government entities such as the IRS, court systems, and the Kentucky Revenue Cabinet.

8) Employees,directors,loanofficers,andcommitteememberswillonlyshareconfidentialpersonal information as is needed to administer the products and services the credit union provides, such as: a) Member insurance,

b) Credit Union Insurance c) Credit bureaus d) Collection agencies e) Data processors

f) Auditors

9) All employees, directors, loan officers, and committee members will sign a confidentiality pledge annually. This will be done at the first meeting after the annual meeting. The credit union office employees will get pledges signed by any employee or volunteer not attending that meeting. A copy of the confidentiality pledge is attached.


A privacy notice will be prepared containing the basic details of this policy. It will include the types of information collected, how we will maintain and protect it, and how and when it will be disclosed. A draft copy of this privacy notice is attached.

A privacy policy notice will be sent to every member annually and be given to each new member that joins. The privacy notice will also be posted in the credit union section of the sponsor’s Intranet site.

A copy of this policy will be provided to any member upon request.


The employees and volunteers of the Doe Run Employees Federal Credit Union will, as a course of ordinary business, acquire confidential, non-public information concerning its members. It is essential that this information be maintained in complete confidence and only discussed with employees and volunteers who have a legitimate need for this information to either provide the member with the products and services that her or she desires or to fulfill a legal or fiduciary responsibility.


The Doe Run Employees Federal Credit Union is committed to providing you with financial products and services that help you to reach your financial goals. We are required by law to give you this notice that describes our policies and practices to protect the privacy our current and former members. We pledge not to share any information we have collected about you, except as permitted or required by law.

If you have any questions after reading this notice, phone us at 270-422-6621.

What follows is a description of the information we collect and disclose, including the parties who receive nonpublic information from us as we conduct the business of the credit union.

We collect information about you from the following sources:

♦ Information we receive from you on applications and otherforms;

♦ Information we receive from a consumer reporting agency;

♦ Information that we obtain in verifying the information on applications and other forms, such as current and past employers and other financial institutions.

By regulation (NCUA 716.6(a)(2) and Appendix A-2), we may disclose all of the information described above.

We may disclose personal information about you to the following types of third parties:

♦ Financial companies, such as insurance, mortgage service, loan and banking;

♦ Non-financialcompanies,suchas,consumerreportingagenciesandretailers;

♦ Government agencies, such as, IRS, KRC, courts, and escheat

By regulation (NCUA 716.6(a)(3) and Appendix A-4), we may disclose all of the information described above.

We may disclose personal information about you to companies that provide services for us:

♦ Service companies, such as auditing, data processing, collection, and insurance;

♦ Financial institutions providing, moneyorders, traveler checking, EFT, and wiretransfers;

♦ Non-financial companies, such as, consumer reporting agencies and retailers;

By regulation (NCUA 716.6(a)(5) and Appendix A-5), we may disclose all of the information described above.

We protect your personal information by maintaining physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with federal regulations to guard your non-public personal information. We restrict access to nonpublic information about you to those employees and volunteers that need to know the information to provide products and services to you. We ask each employee and volunteer to annually pledge uphold this policy.

Doe Run Federal Credit Union reserves to change, modify, or omit language in this document at any time and without notification.

May 1, 2011


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